Pin Up Retouching


Original Image Before
Modified Image After


This technique involves mixing various modes in software and filters with the purpose of converting a normal shot into a classic pin-up poster. This process is Called as a pin up retouching.

The name has been derived from the word “pinned up” which means that the subject in the poster is so beautiful that it has been pinned up to the wall. This is why pin-up posters have to be beautiful and the subject in it, mesmerizing.

Almost all of the pin-up poster are full body portraits. The real art in such pinups is the different types of interaction between the objects and the subject. The models usually are in a sitting or lying in the bed, but that posture or position of the body is not important but the feeling of abandonment that it creates, the freedom from restrictions and complete joy is what makes the pin up so beautiful.

The background is as important as the subject to create that beautiful effect and not many know that dark background has to be avoided if you want to create that masterpiece which will leave the world speechless.

Almost 300 websites on the internet offer pin-up tutorials and countless videos on youtube offer hundereds of technique tutorials which is great for starters. But the real challenge arises in analysing the actual photo and deciding which filters and techniques to apply on it.

Thus, a professional’s help is needed to make the photo extraordinary. Why not co-work with a professional who has edited thousands of such photos before when the help is very inexpensive.

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With our service, you will be spared countless hours learning tutorials or the days spent on retouching the pin-up without consistent results or every hundreds of dollars on incorrect software that basically does nothing but just adds filters to the pictures. This is why we urge our customers to hire professional so that time, money and effort is saved in the process. Most of our customer think that such world-class service is very expensive and they are mostly right. But that isn’t the case with our company. We have hired some the world best editors but we pump out pictures in so large quantity that we are able to bring down the prices that are within reach of even an amateur photographer. This simply isn’t possible for our competitors. Who provide similar kind of work but at a price point that is twice if not thrice of what we charge. Work with the best for the best results.