Retouching Services Packages And Their Prices

Based on the customer’s requirement, we have created 3 different packages that will suit their needs. If you are unsure about which type of package to choose, then contact our customer care and mention all the retouching designs that you need on your image and our customer care executive will help you in choosing the appropriate package.

The packages vary depending on the amount of post-processing, retouching complexity and the amount of time spent extracting the desired results.

We have carefully recruited some of the best editors in the field so as to establishes a company that is the absolute pioneer in the retouching industry. Since we operate on a global scale, the quantity of work that we undertake is enormous. This allows us to hire the best editors and offer top-notch retouching services at inexpensive rates.

Each redesigning technique has a pioneer retouching editor and some of our customers are assigned to these editors. For our recurring customers, we allow them to choose the top editors that they have worked before to get the best results out of their original image. The package and their pricing is as below.


Type of package Cost per image Retouching techniques included


Standard package



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  RAW format editing

  Retouching and enhancement of colour

  Deployment of standard beauty retouching techniques

  Deployment of standard skin retouching techniques to remove blemishes, flaws etc.

  Cleansing of the background so that the subject is highlighted

  Removal of red eyes and teeth whitening

  Stray hair removal

  Wrinkles and light flares removal

  Correction of other standard photo mistakes

  Cropping of image


Complete package



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  Advance beauty enhancement techniques

  Advance hair enhancement techniques

  Advance body enhancement techniques

  Correction of dress malfunction to achieve a perfect photo body

  Complete photo correct including minor correction

  Retouching for magazine cover

  Other minute editing that the client requires for a top class image

  All the feature included in the standard package


Complete plus package



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  All features included in the complete package

  Total image recollection

  Magazine level retouching

  Objects and people removal from the background

  Heads and limbs swap

  Unlimited retouching till the client's expectation is reached



Why should the retouching work be outsourced to us?

The main work of a photographer is to take beautiful pictures. That is their passion. Retouching requires lots of effort and complex learning that is quite impossible for an individual to learn given the thousands of techniques that are in existence. Our clients include professional photographer who clicks the pictures but leaves the retouching aspect to our expert team. They simply tell us what they want from their retouched image and leave the heavy lifting to our expert team while they search for new projects in the boudoir and nude segment. Establishing contacts in this industry is of utmost importance.

Our inexpensive yet top class service allows such professional to grow economically as well as concentrate on the most important aspect of their lives. Shooting beautiful pictures. We are always ready to help our customers in bringing their pictures to life.